K&M Other pest services

Rodent Pest Control


Rats scare many individuals with good reason. They spread disease and illness throughout human populations and can do significant damage to a home in a short period

Bed Bugs Pest Control


Today, it’s all too common for homeowners to become hosts and experience uncomfortable bites while they’re sleeping.

Why use a green pest control ?


Nobody likes insects and other pests in our living space, creating health and safety issues. However, we are not always comfortable with chemicals being sprayed all over our homes with unknown long-term effects potentially creating other health and safety issues.

Fleas Pest Control


Humans and their pets have lived in conflict with fleas for hundreds of years. Feeding exclusively on warm blood, fleas torment animals with their bites, and they are not overly particular about whose blood they drink.

Cockroach Pest Control


There is perhaps no more insect or pest more disgusting than a cockroach. These insects are almost synonymous with repugnance and can be a serious problem in a home or place of business.